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Encourage members not to smoke in public, we understand there may be members that still smoke.

Keep the standards of RRJ high as people are watching us. Remember who you are in Christ.

Encourage members to spend time praying, reading God’s word. (Acts 4:8, boldness, acts 4:13 being with Jesus).

Up-lift members, let them know that they are anointed to do what God has called us to do (Rom 8:30), we are family, all are called, not all are called to be leaders.

New people wanting to join RRJ are encouraged go through a probationary time, before becoming full patch members. During this time, they can be supporters and are encouraged to go for rides and events so we are able to get to know them. We as leadership can also see where their hearts are. Some people may not be called to a ministy like RRJ. They are to be over the age of 18 years old, have an understanding who they are in Christ, have an understanding of what RRJ is all about, it is not just about wearing a patch. There is a commitment first to God then to the ministry of RRJ.