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I recently had a trip to hospital to have an emergency hernia operation. As I went in Friday night, had cat scan done sat, then operation Sunday. I had to fast a lot, like two days only able to eat at night.

What started to come to mind is as Christians, can we get by on one spiritual/natural meal once a week, I know I cannot. Can we just go to church, then getting busy in our daily life’s? Then forgetting or too busy to read or pray or just talking to God to saying hi, I love you. If this was how we treated our husband or wife, we wouldn’t be living a very happy life.

The same is true, when we enjoying eating, but only have one meal a week, then wonder why we are hungry. Just with going to church once a week enjoying this time of fellowship, then hinging out for
our next week’s encounter with God. Wondering why during the week it feel like hell on earth, what ever we do doesn’t appear to work. (James 4:7,8 1Peter 5:6,7,8).

As with me I found it hard to go with food for those two days, what I did find out was it got me closer to God at that time. So why go without Spiritual/natural food when don’t have to. God has prepared a banquet for us, so go eat.