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Greetings from Melbourne and the Victorian Chapter of Road Riders for Jesus.

As I reflect on the launch of the road Riders for Jesus Victorian chapter in November 2019 to now God’s faithfulness, protection and amazing grace shines through.

From the community outreach that saw some 100 people being reached, miracles of healing and restoration, launching the Facebook page and Facebook group that now has 26 followers, regular monthly meeting with 9 registered members (and growing) who Iam so proud to be associated with and have great confidence that God is preparing and positioning us to reach this great state.

The unprecedented events that took place in 2020 and is still continuing has revealed more than ever the need for Jesus in people’s lives, the ideologies that the world put their trust in such as employment, financial stability, political parties, freedom of movement etc was all eradicated In one swoop. The only everlasting constant in the midst of panic and hysteria is Jesus, the only name that gives us hope is Jesus, the salvation that he promises and the imminent coming back of Jesus to gather his bride. Are we feeding his sheep?

Jesus asked John who was considered as Jesus’s favourite disciple three times do you love me and if you do feed my sheep (John 21:17). Why did Jesus ask three times if John loved him? It is only out of the abundance and deep-rooted love for Jesus that we can show the world his love. Only the true lovers of Christ can faithfully perform this service, and abide in it by preaching the true Gospel of Christ and directing souls in all to Christ – the way, the truth and the life.

Last 10 months has been a great ride, I cant wait to see what God has in store for us in individual chapters and nationally to advance his kingdom.