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Article 1 Membership in Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. is open to every Christian regardless of race, creed, colour or gender, who exhibit a lifestyle that is pleasing to God and honours His Holy Word, according to the “Living for God” statement within the Doctrinal Statement of RRJ.

Article 2 A chapter of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. shall be a non-denominational organisation open only to individuals whose religious practices comply with the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ, as contained in the inerrant Word of God.

Article 3 Each individual chapter of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. shall be identified by their location and/or chapter number (i.e. city/town/region etc.)

Article 4 There shall be no required fees or dues to be a member of a chapter of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. Chapters are to be self-supporting through freewill offerings, fundraisers and donations.

Article 5 To be a member of a chapter, individuals must first become members of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. and agree with the Doctrinal Statement of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc.

Chapter Constitution – Election of Officers

Article 6 Election of officers shall be conducted in January. Terms of elected officers shall be two years in length. The elected officers of a chapter shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These shall hereafter be known as the Chapter STAFF. Members of chapters are only eligible for nomination or election after they have served a minimum 6 months of membership within the chapter.

Article 6a

  1. Chapters with odd number designations shall conduct officer elections at the chapter meeting in odd numbered years, in January of that year. 2. Chapters with even number designations shall conduct officer elections at the chapter meeting in even numbered years, in January of that year. 3. Chapter Officers may serve for as many consecutive terms as they are elected by the chapter members. 4. Members may only hold an officer’s position in one chapter. A member may not hold more than two (2) officer positions within one chapter at any given time.

New Chartered Chapter Elections

1 New chapters upon the completion of the six month probation period, who having received their official charter from the Road Riders for Jesus International Office, shall conduct officer elections. 2. Officers elected at new chapter officer elections shall serve in the elected positions until the next regular chapter officer elections are due, unless the new chapter officer elections have occurred in less than six months prior to a regular election. 3. These new chapter officers shall then serve the remaining months of the current year plus a two year term, not to exceed a term for more than 2 years and 6 months. 4. They may then be re-elected for succeeding terms.

Article 7 The duties of the chapter elected officers shall be as follows;

PRESIDENT – To preside over and conduct chapter meetings, to appoint all committee chairpersons, to serve as an ex officio* on all committees at a chapter level; to conduct chapter staff meetings and business meetings either in person or via video or audio electronic means; to observe and enforce the articles of the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc.

*Definition of ex officio – An ex-officio committee member is a person who is automatically entitled to a position on a committee, for as long as he or she holds a certain office in the organisation. An ex-officio position on a committee exists only if a governing document (legislation or bylaws) provides for it.

VICE PRESIDENT – To assume the duties of the President in the event of an absence or vacancy. To complete the term of President in the event of a vacancy. To be present at chapter meetings, staff meetings and business meetings, to assist other officers. To assume the duties of other officers in the event of an absence. To plan chapter rides and to conduct safety sessions.

SECRETARY – To keep minutes of all chapter meetings and to have minutes available to any member of the chapter if the member requests a copy of the minutes during the term that the secretary holds the position. To keep minutes of all staff meetings; to manage any chapter correspondence.

TREASURER – To receive and disperse all chapter funds; to keep an accurate account of all such transactions and provide a report of such transactions at chapter meetings.

As per Ministry Objects, additional officers may be applied to chapters after discussions with the chapter president. Outline for these officers duties are found below.

ROAD CAPTAIN – To be responsible and to maintain safety at all times for all riders when the chapter is engaged in official rides. To be given opportunity by the President to raise any safety or other road issues in chapter meetings as the need arises. To take the lead position on rides and position other riders as he/she deems to be most appropriate for the group traveling. To pre-determine fuel and meal stops and to communicate this information with those traveling on the ride at times which the road captain determines.

CHAPLAIN – To provide spiritual direction for the chapter members. To pursue and coordinate ministry opportunities for the chapter. To encourage and help members in ministry opportunities. To lead a devotion at chapter meetings if time allows.

Article 8 Officer elections shall be conducted at the regularly scheduled chapter meeting in January. Such elections shall be done by means of secret ballot. Results shall then be read and positions filled effective immediately. Actual tally of votes shall not be disclosed unless sufficient reason for challenge exists.

A nominating committee consisting of three chapter members may be appointed by the chapter officers with one of those committee persons to act as chairman of such committee.

Such chairman shall conduct the secret ballot election of officers and shall make known the results of such election to the Chapter Secretary, who shall then enter it into a means of permanent record. Actual tally count is to be only known to the Chairman, his committee and the Chapter Secretary.

Voting shall only be done by ACTIVE chapter members. The term ACTIVE shall be defined as the following: 3a a registered member of the Road Riders for Jesus M/M Australia Inc. 3b Attended at least three of the previous six regularly scheduled chapter meetings. 3c Membership must be exclusive to one chapter or non-chartered chapter for “Active” membership qualifications.

If only one person is nominated for a position, an election by acclamation shall be conducted.

Article 9 Items put to a vote at any scheduled chapter meeting shall only need a majority vote to be approved.

Article 10 1. In the event that one or more elected staff positions becomes vacant within a chapter, an eligible member of that chapter to fill the vacant position(s) may be appointed by the National Directors in consultation with the chapter President as a temporary or interim officer until such time that the chapter meets for its next regular chapter meeting. 2. At the next chapter meeting election of a current member of the chapter who fulfils the requirements for the vacant position is to occur as per the normal voting format for chapter officer elections outlined in Article 8 and the new officer is to be updated in the Elected Officers Register by the Secretary for the chapter and details sent to the Australia National Secretary. 3. In the event that the vacant position is the Chapter President position, the National Directors will communicate with the Vice President of the chapter to inform the Vice President that the President position is vacant and that the Vice President will act as the Interim President until an election for President occurs as per the duties outlined in Article 7. 4. Details of changes to elected staff members are to be sent to the International Directors once voting has occurred and a new officer is elected. 5. Vacancies which occur in any office with less than a year in the term, shall be filled by appointment of the chapter staff. Vacancies that occur with more than a year left in the term, shall be filled by a chapter nomination and election.

Article 11 If possible, all chapter officers should not be from the same church.

Article 12 Members of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. are encouraged to wear the RRJ Colours, especially when involved in motorcycling events. RRJ Colours are not to be worn or placed on animals, pets or mascots.

Article 13 No one is to wear RRJ Colours while consuming alcohol, or partaking in any immoral activity, or practicing by word or deed, anything that would discredit the ministry of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. or the testimony of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Article 14 If the need for any discipline of any RRJ member shall arise, it shall be handled by RRJ Staff or a committee appointed by the RRJ Staff. All discipline shall be handled with prayer and love and according to Biblical principles, as found in Matthew 18:15-20, Luke 17:3 and Titus 3:10.

Article 15 Founding of new RRJ chapters;

  1. Said group shall consist of at least eight (8) interested persons.
  2. Said group shall conduct regular meetings, every month for at least six (6) months on a trial basis to determine compatibility and interest.
  3. Said group shall agree to abide by the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc.
  4. Upon approval of Road Riders for Jesus M/M Australia Inc., a charter shall be issued from the International Office for the new chapter and an official election of chapter officers shall be conducted.
  5. A copy of the Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. Constitution and Bylaws shall be provided to each interested person and they will be required to read it and sign a disclaimer stating they have read, understood and agree to the entire document.

Article 16 Members of Road Riders For Jesus M/M Australia Inc. who would like to purchase RRJ clothing, the right to wear patches and/or colours are to contact the Australia National Directors or their chapter President to discuss their requirements. Orders are not to be placed by Australian members directly to the International Office without first consulting with Australia National Staff. In the event that a member resigns or is removed from Road Riders for Jesus M/M Australia Inc. all patches remain the property of RRJ and must be returned to the Australia National Director or the Chapter President of the chapter which the member was part thereof.