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National Office

Our Vision for RRJ for the Next 10 Years


Our vision for RRJ for the next 10 years, is to see chapters establish, in each state and territory throughout Australia.

We believe God is into kingdom building, one way this is to be achieved is one state and territory at a time.

As each member playing a vital part in bring this to pass, working together as a family.

All things are possible {Phillppians4-13}. We believe that God is head of this ministry, nothing’s going to happen, unless the Lord builds the house we labour in vain {Ps 127-1}.

We believe it is important to put God first, in everything that we do, it’s his ministry.

It’s His name on our patch, it’s His name that needs to be glorified in this ministry. It’s not about what we can do, but about what God can do through us.

He can do great things by achieving his power in us as we walk hand in hand with our Lord, as we step out to do new through him.

To for full the great commission (Matt 10:6-8)(Mark16:15-18).

To go into the highways and byways, down the backroads the back streets anywhere people are hurting in need of help or prayer, loving accepting them as they are through the love of Jesus Christ.
Gods is building a ministry of excellence. Where excellence is activated or achieve it will be a ministry of quality, not just numbers, numbers will come with that quality.

How are we going to achieve this, by changing our life’s and letting God change us so that our life’s resemble Christ in us.

Seeking the LORD and thanking Him in everything we do for Him.