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Robert Hill

Hi my name is Robert I am the Australian National Coordinator:

Here is my testimony:

I grow up in a New Zealand town called Nelson, I had a hard up bringing as my Mum drank a lot, and Dad and her would fight most the time, when I was old enough, I moved away from home to go and live in the city, along the way I started working with the Vic President of the local Outlaw club, at that time I was looking for something that I could be part of, but God had other ideas, and in 1983 after my marriage  started to fall apart, I give my heart and life to Lord Jesus knowing that only he could make something out of my life. My wife and I moved to Tauranga where God started to use me in our new Church that we were part of, and I started to grow in things of God, having a great Christian family there to support me. In 1988 we moved to Australia to start a new life, becoming part of a motorcycle ministry, after about 4 years, my wife at that time walked out on me, and our Children two years went by we couldn’t get it together so our marriage ended. I found I could no longer stay in Ministry until I got my life in order. In 2001 I meet a Lovely Lady and we become very good friends, we decided to marry. My new wife Donna, who was still part of a motorcycle ministry, which I again, become part of, then in 2007 God called Donna and I out from that Ministry. After 4 years, of God doing a work in my life, God called us in to a new motorcycle ministry which my wife and I were part of for one year, a mate of ours had started Road Riders For Jesus, and he asked us if we would like to run it here in Australia, after praying about it, we needed to send a letter to Carl the International Director, and the leadership team of RRJ, after them praying about us, we were placed as the Australian National Coordinator for RRJ.I now can see what God had in store for me, after all those years walking with him, God was preparing my life for a time like this now.